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October 2019

Outdoor memorial

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I’m so excited right now. I had a lovely customer visit the workshop who asked for an outdoor memorial piece. She wanted slate and gave me the brief. It’s been a long journey this one but so very worth it. Searching for the right piece of slate took days and travel up the lakes. I have loved every minute of it. The frame is finished on Friday and I’m going to ring her today to arrange for her to visit and collect. I honestly can’t wait because judging from the response from my friends, I’m confident. 🙂

Outdoor pieces

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I’ve been so excited recently to be commissioned to make an outdoor piece made from slate. I particularly love slate as I live on the edge of the lake district. It took some time to find the right piece, but I knew it when I saw it. I have found a fantastic stonemason who seems to understand what I want. I have a great metalworkers who is making the frame for me. And there will be some engraving on the glass from Simon my engraver. This piece a tually looks stunning when all the elements are put together. It’s near completion so I can’t put photos up just yet… but I can’t wait to show you…!!!!