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Unique New Memorials Piece!

Its been a long time since I last put a blog up…!!!. I have in the past found Blogs I bit difficult but as someone has just explained the best approach is to treat it as a diary, this makes complete sense and I think I will now enjoy writing my blogs.

So my latest news is that I have expanded into a larger space which makes creating a lot easier. It hasn’t been the easiest to be painting and sorting etc whilst still creating glass pieces and all that comes with it. The new space is lovely and was totally worth the work.


You may have seen from a previous blog that I have created something very special and totally unique. I wanted to find a way to include ‘ scent ‘ . Scent is such an emotive lovely thing and very very important. I remember my Grandmas scent…Lily of the valley, and when I smell it now it makes me smile. As I trained a potter I set about designing something that could remind us of the loved one we have lost. How lovely to be reminded of their scent. I was determined to figure this out and finally I have got there together with my friend and fellow potter Philip Pearson. So I designed a small urn in the shape of a bird. We experimented long and hard with clays and then even longer with temperatures that would allow the clay to be fired but with the ability to hold the scent. The idea is that you send us the scent, we then set about adding the scent to the clay body in stages. We then add the ash inside and carefully seal it with a small cap. The scent will last for many years to come, however it is dependent on the quality of the perfume or aftershave. If you find the scent fading after a year you can again introduce the scent to the clay body yourself. Photos and promotion will follow soon once we have sorted out the packaging. I really really hope this piece makes people happy and gives some comfort.

More soon!

Sarah x