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Guild of master craftsmen

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It’s been a very strange year for all of us and I admit it was a struggle at times with elderly parents to keep safe and entertained. I found my routine eventually and everything slipped into place.  One lovely piece of news is that I am very pleased to say I have been accepted into the Guild of Master Craftsmen.  A big thank you to my customers who agreed to give me references, I am truly grateful. My plan for the rest of this year is to make some good connections. I have connected with a lovely woman called Vicki who has a website ‘ Oh my mama body ‘ offering support for women who have suffered a miscarriage. It was so helpful to talk to Vicki and have a better understanding of miscarriage, this helps me to connect and communicate better. I do prefer to talk to my customers over the phone and to meet face to face is a bonus. It just makes the job easier and sometimes it’s a help for people to be able to offload to a complete stranger, I have a good listening ear when needed and quite a few years experience of the grieving process. More blogs to come as I really enjoy communicating with everyone, I had just got out of the habit in these strange times, so I look forward to that and also making new connections. Take care, Sarah x

Corona virus hit

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I think my conclusion is it isn’t all bad. It made me focus on the business, and let’s face it there isn’t anything else to do. But I am truly grateful because I love my business and I’m so lucky to have a countryside commute on my mountain bike down a muddy, quiet, country path with views of Morecambe Bay, the lake district and Ingleborough too. I have had the time during the pandemic to do a business course which has helped immensely. It gave me valuable suggestions like applying for the Guild of master craftsmen. Iam very proud to say I was accepted. I needed references from customers and they didn’t let me down. I have made valuable new contacts which I will be sharing at some point to keep you updated. Its a hard time but it won’t be forever and I feel very strongly that we need to focus on the positives of it all… Mine… it gave me valuable time to take stock. I hope you’re all well and keeping safe.. and managing to stay positive. Sarah x

Winter nearly over spring on its way…!

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Well I have to say the workshop hasn’t been the warmest through winter…!. But I have been so lucky that I can still access it through lockdown and work as normal, I have to say it has kept me sane. I have cycled in every day even on the cold days. My path is along the canal so its the best start to the day. I had lots of orders in December and that was lovely and I really enjoyed creating various different pieces. The commissions have been a challenge, but with some tests I got there in the end and had some very happy customers. I have had some amazing reviews and they honestly brighten my day and make me appreciate  that I have the best job in the world. I must say Im really looking forward to spring now and dream of a warm summer. I hope you’re all well and keeping safe and I look forward as a;always to creating beautiful glass pieces to help with the grieving path .Take care, Sarah x

Happy New Year

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Christmas time is always busy and understandable so. It’s a hard time when you have lost someone and suddenly they’re not there sharing this special time with you. My last order went out on the 23rd December. Special delivery allowed me to get it to my customer Christmas eve. I knew this was important to him so I really did pull out all the stops. The workshop has had a really good clean and sort ready for 2020. Happy New Year everyone.

Memorial Sculpture

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It took a while but I got there in the end. I really loved creating this piece. Its made to go outdoors and is made of green slate. I spent many hours searching for the right piece to fit the brief from the customer. To be honest I spent many hours just staring at it… working it out in my head. I sat by the river just down from the workshop watching the water, that’s where my inspiration came from. My customer was thrilled, and that’s what makes me happy. I get so nervous beforehand, but when I see their faces and I watch their expressions I know I have achieved my goal. My job is to make sure I ask the right questions so I can see the picture they have in their head. It isn’t always the picture they articulate, so in knowing what to ask I can get to see it.

Outdoor memorial

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I’m so excited right now. I had a lovely customer visit the workshop who asked for an outdoor memorial piece. She wanted slate and gave me the brief. It’s been a long journey this one but so very worth it. Searching for the right piece of slate took days and travel up the lakes. I have loved every minute of it. The frame is finished on Friday and I’m going to ring her today to arrange for her to visit and collect. I honestly can’t wait because judging from the response from my friends, I’m confident. 🙂

Outdoor pieces

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I’ve been so excited recently to be commissioned to make an outdoor piece made from slate. I particularly love slate as I live on the edge of the lake district. It took some time to find the right piece, but I knew it when I saw it. I have found a fantastic stonemason who seems to understand what I want. I have a great metalworkers who is making the frame for me. And there will be some engraving on the glass from Simon my engraver. This piece a tually looks stunning when all the elements are put together. It’s near completion so I can’t put photos up just yet… but I can’t wait to show you…!!!!

New video and work!

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Here is a link to a video I made of some pieces on my Facebook page. I’m not a great photographer
sadly but I think it gives an idea.


Because I am getting such lovely responses to my designs and my work I have decided that I will
expand to offer other glass pieces to celebrate Weddings, anniversaries, retirements etc. I have
made a start in the last few weeks and I have to say I am really enjoying it. I am also designing some
lovely Christmas decorations.

Other news includes a lovely couple who visited me in the workshop having driven many miles. They
sadly lost their baby daughter. They ordered several lightcatchers and they are having a larger urn
made based on the small bird that I designed. It’s a lengthy process because a mould has to be made
and dried. It is then slip cast using Porcelain, and then fired. They have been very patient and it’s
almost there now.

I have also started a series of large sculptures both for indoors and outdoors based on water.



Glass Pieces for Weddings and beyond…

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So its been a fantastic couple of weeks with important decisions being made and its all very exciting.

Firstly I am after lots of encouragement venturing into designing glass pieces for weddings, anniversaries, christenings. This will eventually be put onto the website with celebration glass going alongside the memorial glass. And I am now making very unique outdoor sculptures within Yew wood and sculptures within tall oak pieces. Everything has to be technically perfect and it has taken a lot of discussion and figuring out. Thank you to my joiner Scott and Andrew the metal-worker and, of course, the technical team at the glass suppliers. These will also be on the website eventually.

I am also applying to have a stall at The Lancashire show in July where all these pieces will be exhibited, with the help of Lisa.

Next installment coming soon.


Unique New Memorials Piece!

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Its been a long time since I last put a blog up…!!!. I have in the past found Blogs I bit difficult but as someone has just explained the best approach is to treat it as a diary, this makes complete sense and I think I will now enjoy writing my blogs.

So my latest news is that I have expanded into a larger space which makes creating a lot easier. It hasn’t been the easiest to be painting and sorting etc whilst still creating glass pieces and all that comes with it. The new space is lovely and was totally worth the work.


You may have seen from a previous blog that I have created something very special and totally unique. I wanted to find a way to include ‘ scent ‘ . Scent is such an emotive lovely thing and very very important. I remember my Grandmas scent…Lily of the valley, and when I smell it now it makes me smile. As I trained a potter I set about designing something that could remind us of the loved one we have lost. How lovely to be reminded of their scent. I was determined to figure this out and finally I have got there together with my friend and fellow potter Philip Pearson. So I designed a small urn in the shape of a bird. We experimented long and hard with clays and then even longer with temperatures that would allow the clay to be fired but with the ability to hold the scent. The idea is that you send us the scent, we then set about adding the scent to the clay body in stages. We then add the ash inside and carefully seal it with a small cap. The scent will last for many years to come, however it is dependent on the quality of the perfume or aftershave. If you find the scent fading after a year you can again introduce the scent to the clay body yourself. Photos and promotion will follow soon once we have sorted out the packaging. I really really hope this piece makes people happy and gives some comfort.

More soon!

Sarah x