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New work – Bespoke Glass Memorials!

By new work

Recently, I have had a few bespoke glass memorials commissioned which have been a real pleasure to complete, some more difficult than others.

The most recent was  a very special piece commissioned by a customer who had sadly lost her husband. She had kept the wedding rings and always wanted them to be together. She came to the workshop and we spent some time discussing and looking at the different designs. There were various options of the layout once the design was chosen. The rings had some delicate detail on the outside edge. I took a small amount of gold to test in the kiln at the temperature I fire the glass and realised that the detail potentially could be lost. My customer had decided she didn’t want to loose any detail, so I set about experimenting and eventually came up with a technique where the rings are set into the glass and encased with clear droplets of glass. It took a long time to work this one out and many test pieces before I was 100% sure it was going to work.

Her husband’s ash is set inside the red heart and is semi visible. The result was lovely and the best reward of all was a very happy customer. It was lovely to be able to do this for her and I really hope it helps her.

August is proving a slower month which has worked out quite well really . Its given me time to think about some new designs and bespoke glass memorials specifically for pets. At home my mum has a drawer of old pet tags. She doesn’t obviously want to throw them away but nobody quite knew what to do with them. I designed a lightcatcher piece that holds the tag underneath. These pieces as always can be made so the ash is visible, semi visible or invisible.

The ceramics section is also well on the way. I realised that the small bird urns weren’t quite what I wanted so I am now working with Phil who is a mould maker. We are experimenting with kiln temperatures because the main idea is that the body can be infused with the perfume or aftershave of the person you lost. Although they aren’t quite finished they should be very soon. I will also be offering hand thrown pieces that will have the ash in the clay body. As a trained potter I really look forward to offering this.

More from me soon!

Sarah x