Lakeland slate commission containing ash.

French Telephone box


Requests taken on a quote basis.

I specialise in commissions because I love making unique pieces. I also really enjoy working closely with my customers and getting to know them.

Each and every piece that I make is unique, and the designs that you can see on this site are to give you an idea of the kind of thing I can make for you. However if you would like to commission a piece because you either have an idea in mind, a colour you particularly like or an item that you’d like me to incorporate into the glass, come and talk to me!

I recently put two wedding rings into a piece for a customer, made a butterfly for someone and I have also worked with dog tags, jewellery and engraving. I love taking commissions and I want your memorial piece to feel like it’s really special and that it reflects the person that you would like to remember.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me about what you have in mind and we can discuss the piece together. I also have many people who come to me wanting to divide ashes between family members with each sibling (for example) receiving a different piece of glass sculpture and I can do this in a variety of designs and colours to suit you and your family so multiple pieces are also no problem at all.

Fill out the form below or give me a ring and we can work together to create something special and unique to remember and honour your loved one.