Wooden Bases

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There are several options available for our hand finished wooden bases in which we set your memorial glass piece.

We work with Ian from Acorn Oak in Lancashire who hand carves the beautiful oak bases for us and we then finish the glass work by setting it into the oak base.

There is another type of base available made from a dark hard wood made by Scott from Halton Mill, this is inlaid with Beech, a lighter wood so that it can be engraved with a personal inscription.

When it comes to tea lights, if you would like to have room to set a tea light into the piece, we can put this either in front or behind the piece; it’s up to you.

If you aren’t sure which wooden base is for you, please let us know and we can take you through the options available. We can work with you to design a beautiful and appropriate inscription for your loved one, or you may prefer to leave it blank – it’s up to you.