Engraving Examples

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We have various options when it comes to engraving your memorial glass piece.

Laser wood engraving

You can create your own personalised message and take your base to Timpsons to be laser engraved. If you would prefer us to do this for you please contact for a quote .


is completed by hand by Jane by burning an image or lettering into the wood. Because of the grain in oak this method is best used for larger lettering (for example, a name and date or an image such as a heart of a paw print).

Glass engraving.

Our glass engraved pieces on the website are priced to include the cost of the engraving. You can choose any inscription you would like, a poem, words of a song, a favourite saying  or a name and date perhaps.

You can opt to have the engraved lettering coloured in silver or gold by a technique exclusive to the engravers. (this adds a little to the cost so please contact us for more information about this).

Brass or silver plaques

are attached to the front of the bases and can be inscribed with any personal message. This is a very professional look with the lettering slightly raised. The pricing for brass or silver engraving depends on what you want to say so please contact us for more information.