Production Process

A small pinch of cremation ash is set inside a fused glass art piece. You can opt to have clear glass over the ashes so they are visible or coloured so they are less so, or you may opt to have the ash set in without it being visible at all. You may also wish to have a glass piece without any ash set in.

Any of the glass pieces can be made larger and in many cases smaller. You can ring to discuss your individual requirements. If you have any personal ideas please ring me to discuss and we can make you a bespoke piece.

Each glass piece is handcrafted individually and no moulds are used at any point.

Caring for ashes

We offer a very personal, respectful and professional service. We are aware this process may not be the easiest for you. Our aim is therefore to make it as easy as possible. Ashes are handled very respectfully and carefully at all times. Any unused ash will be returned to you once we have finished making your piece of memorial glass.


There are several designs which you can see on this website but I can always take commissions and work with you if you have a specific idea about what you would like to create. I can change the colours within any of our pieces and can also produce things in smaller and larger sizes.

Glass making

I use glass from the suppliers Warm Glass and create the pieces myself in my studio in Halton, Lancashire. Glass is a flexible and beautiful medium, and I work in a way to maximise the way that light will shine through and reflect off the piece. I can work with many different colours so please just ask if there is a specific colour that you want me to work with for your memorial glass piece.


For those pieces that are set into wood, you can choose from oak or beech and I use local suppliers Acorn Oak who hand carve their pieces for me. For more information about our bases please see our Wooden Bases examples.


If you would like to engrave either the glass or the wooden base of your personalised memorial glass piece then we can cater for a huge range of requests from a simple name and dates to poems, song lyrics, phrases or a memory – it’s up to you and if you need help with choosing something suitable then we can gladly help you. Contact us to discuss the kind of engraving that you would like to consider.