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Corona virus hit

By 20th March 2021Uncategorised

I think my conclusion is it isn’t all bad. It made me focus on the business, and let’s face it there isn’t anything else to do. But I am truly grateful because I love my business and I’m so lucky to have a countryside commute on my mountain bike down a muddy, quiet, country path with views of Morecambe Bay, the lake district and Ingleborough too. I have had the time during the pandemic to do a business course which has helped immensely. It gave me valuable suggestions like applying for the Guild of master craftsmen. Iam very proud to say I was accepted. I needed references from customers and they didn’t let me down. I have made valuable new contacts which I will be sharing at some point to keep you updated. Its a hard time but it won’t be forever and I feel very strongly that we need to focus on the positives of it all… Mine… it gave me valuable time to take stock. I hope you’re all well and keeping safe.. and managing to stay positive. Sarah x